Could you be Autistic and not even know? | 15 Signs of undiagnosed autism

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Hunter Hansen - The Life Autistic

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Geteilt August 18, 2021

Yep, you might have been autistic this whole time. If you do or have experienced these fifteen things, then it's quite possible you're autistic and wouldn't have known — if so, welcome to the club!

It's not a definitive list, nor guaranteed to guarantee an autism diagnosis or discovery, but you you match a lot of these, it may be worth exploring.

00:00 - You might be autistic if . . .
01:09 - Routine devotion
02:05 - Very few close friends
03:02 - Categorical strengths
03:41 - Quickest to answer, fast recall
04:27 - You know TOO much about a specific topic
05:22 - Wait, I'm RUDE?
06:03 - Reason #9 - Specifically for autism in girls
06:53 - Reason #8
07:58 - Reason #7
09:00 - Reason #6
09:52 - Reason #5
10:47 - Reason #4
11:41 - Reason #3
12:52 - Reason #2
14:11 - Reason #1

Welcome to The Life Autistic - an #ActuallyAutistic personal narrative sharing topics, talks, rants, and insights about autism from an autistic perspective.


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