D&D Story: Ep 22- ESCALATION TIME! [Fool's Gold]

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Genre: Comedy

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Dingo Doodles

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Geteilt October 12, 2021

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Yes we play 3.5 D&D :D (KS Book in 5e)
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!!!PLEASE READ!!! ;u;
HEY soooo….I’m still trying to process everything (not just that session) but we GOT A KICKSTARTER with a bunch of really cool shit! So go check it out if you can! If you can’t back it’s totally cool, maybe just share it around to help us out :D
ALSO if you have questions we got a whole team of people who are answering your questions in the comment section on Kickstarter! So…don’t @ me on twitter xD cause I DEFINITALLY don’t know how to answer everything like shipping and all that.
Felix and I will be doing a QnA on Oct.19th about details in the book ect. I’ll be posting in the community tab about it and might even do it live here! We haven’t decided on a time yet but it’ll be in PST time.
Love you all and thank you all so much for liking and watching my stuff! All of this was possible cause you guys just kept watching (God I know that sounds cheesy… BUT IT’S TRUE DAMNIT!) Hope you have a good day and next episode will be coming out in mid November :D So look out for that!