How to Improve Your Hand Cannon Shot in Destiny 2!

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Shadow Destiny

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Geteilt June 16, 2021

HAND CANNONS: The weapons many players use, but few can master. This video highlights 5 of the most important tips for improving your hand cannon shot and overall performance inside of Destiny 2 PvP. Hand Cannons are currently BY FAR the most dominant primary weapon type in the game, making up 8 of the 10 top primary weapons in PvP. The tips in this video will hopefully enable you to perform even better in the current sandbox, but even if hand cannons get a massive nerf, a player who is able to take full advantage of the tips in this video will still find hand cannons to be quite effective; even during the height of the 600 and 450 RPM Auto Rifle metas, hand cannons were still powerful in the right hands.

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0:00 Intro
0:45 Tip #1: How to CORRECTLY use Cover
4:23 Tip #2: Optimal Stats, Perks, and Mods for HCs
7:10 Tip #3: Shot Pacing, Rhythm, and Accuracy
10:07 Tip #4: How to Control Recoil and Aim
11:49 Tip #5: Engagement Distance, Special Weapons, and Subclasses

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