Wealthy Mother Tries To "Fix" Son with Incest - YEAH WTF - Mystery&Makeup | Bailey Sarian

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Bailey Sarian

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Geteilt September 16, 2019

My Gypsy Rose Video : https://youtu.be/YpbZxsMDmrQ
The last photo I showed of Barbara was actually a woman named Ruth Ellis. I was saving her image for another story and mixed up the two. My fault and sorry for the confusion.

Hi Friends, Happy Monday!
Today I wanted to talk about lame ol Barbara and what an awful person she was. I mean, I feel bad for her because she seemed to have a rough life, but damn, did she really need to ruin everyone elses? RIP to poor Tony, yes he made some bad choices but he did not deserve the treatment he received from his family and most of all his own MOTHER.

OH! Also in the beginning I mentioned how I dont like the “this was boring” comments. I hope how I explained it, came out right. Im not responding to “haters” I just feel like, it needed to be said because I think we are so desensitized to these stories, honestly. Not just because of me but because of everything we see every day, media, movies, etc. I understand a story can be “boring” but, I just wanted to put out a little reminder to step back and think about it before you comment it. You never know who is watching/reading/seeing it. I know people wont give a damn and still do it anyways, I mean this is the internet, cmon. So, I will make sure to just block people who disrespect. I just want this to be a safe space and while I have some kind of control, I will keep it that way.

But I am always all ears to constructive criticism and hearing feedback stuff like that! I am always trying to be better. ANYWAYSSS.. love and appreciate you guys a ton and I hope to be seeing you very soon

Bailey Sarian

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