Cheesesteak Eggrolls (Recipe + Crunchy MUKBANG)!

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Danny Kim

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Geteilt January 31, 2018

Hey guys! In this video, I'll be making CHEESESTEAK EGGROLLS then DESTROY these Crispy, Crunchy Cheesesteak Eggrolls with some good ol' mukbang (intense eating sounds) - recipe inspired by The Wolfe Pit.

I follow a lot of great food YouTubers to find easy recipes that I can use to make delicious, easy-to-make food and figured I share that with you guys!

I hope to show you guys that if I can make this stuff then you can too. I'm by no means a chef or anything close - I'm a 22 year old kid who just loves to make, eat, and take pictures/videos of food for fun!

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Here is the original recipe (I have a couple of my own twists in the video):