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Hey my lovelies after feeling unwell for the last few days, I've sadly tested positive for Covid which means I'm now self-isolating, following government guidelines. It means that I'm no longer able to perform at Hits Live in Birmingham this Saturday. Apologies to any of my fans who bought tickets and I'm so sorry I can no longer be there. I hope you all have an amazing night, stay safe and I can't wait to see you all soon love you all so much ❤️

@Hits Radio #HitsLive

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All fun & games till I play too

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Yeah you think you had the best of it, promise you ain’t seen the half of it 🎶🎶

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🎥 BTS #Boyz

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👀 see you

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Late nights and studio

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But I only wna bad boy as my bestie

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Noctis Magazine Out now!! ❤️

Photographer and Creative Director: Luke Nugent
Art Director: David Oldenburg
Stylist: Leila Violet Bailey
Makeup Artist: Heidi North
Hair Stylist: Chris Southern
Nail Artist: Kezia Leah
3D Environments: Jericho and 00
Stylist Assistant: Anchana
Interview: Jordan White
Magazine Design: Lucy Ross
Editor: Genea Bailey

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What a night!!! Thank you for having me @The Graham Norton Show 🖤

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