Michelle Kenway

Hi, I'm Michelle and welcome to our Physiotherapy and safe exercise channel.

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Here you’ll learn how to improve your health, wellness to feel good again.

This Physiotherapy channel is suited to you if you’re:

*Interested in beginner's exercises and just starting out
*Recovering your health and fitness after an injury or illness
*Challenged by chronic health problems (e.g. neck pain, back pain, poor core control)
*Interested in general health and fitness.

You will also benefit from the Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy exercises and information videos for:

*Pelvic floor strengthening (Kegels for women and men)
*Prolapse management
*Pelvic pain
*Bowel problems and overcoming constipation.

I really look forward seeing you every week and and helping with your health, fitness and recovery!

Michelle đź’–