A channel of my Manly playthroughs , stream clips or random things. Read description below for personal & business information. Full channel title is technically ManlyBadassHeroofJusticeWeeaboo

"Do you like my sunglasses?"

For business inquires contact my Twitter, if I'm interested and after vetting I will follow up from there by email if needed. *NOTE* If you receive an email with any form of ManlyBadassHero or Manly in the email itself (example - this is not me. I also discuss all business matters with my actual name, not my persona for an obvious warning sign.

There is a Manly Discord available to Patreon Backers & Twitch Subs.

If you wish to send fan mail etc. then my PO Box is (( PO BOX 2034 Eaton Park FL 33840 - 2034 )) If it's a package then some form of warning on my socials would be nice so I can watch for it. Please don't send anything inquiring or intruding, this goes for any form of social contact in general, I'm here to play & enjoy vidya.